Day 8 (Am I Kind? Or a Fool?)

“Why are all the good I’ve done and still do over looked by my few flaws that I try so hard to burry? Why stay with those that don’t appreciate me? I guess I stay because I don’t over look the good they’ve done. Does that make me a fool or kind? I’m starting to […]

Day 7 (Questions We Must Ask)

“Question everything. Question what ever information is given to you, start questioning it. If a Math teacher gives you an equation to memorize. Ask about it. Who came up with it? What can it also be used in? How was it created? We got used to accepting what ever information is thrown at us without […]

Day 6 (Insomnia The Annoying Neighbor)

“They tell me just lay your head in bed and don’t think of anything and you’ll sleep…. How do you do that so fast? My thoughts are so loud they echo in the walls of my mind. I want to close my eyes that seek rest, but having a loud mind is like having very […]

Day 5 (Explaining Insanity)

“The definition of delliusion Is what we were taught to know But to understand? No we did not Of sadness and tears we often share Of madness and chaos we often did not wear But to be a teacher, was not always wise For if insanity did not toy with their minds Then the teacher […]

Day 4 (Lessons by Elephants)

“Have you ever heard of an elephant kicking out another elephant because they aren’t in the same country? Animals might not be the smartest of spieces but it’s better than having no hearts like us humans. Country, color, religion we remain the same. Yet we get different stamps. And we kick out our own species. […]

Day 3 (cure for anxiety?)

“I had really bad anxiety when I was younger. I’d be so scared of death. So scared that I’ll die in my sleep. But I dont really have anxiety anymore. It’s sad when people ask me how did you get over it? How do you go to sleep not afraid that you won’t wake up? […]